I want to get a pageview counter going, but I’m kind of into the “no Google Analytics trend” (fun fact, I used to work on Google Analytics!) I mostly just absolutely hate the “Cookie” prompt, and while I don’t think anybody would come after me for forgetting to put a prompt on, I’d like to try getting some metrics where I host it on my own domain.

One option would be to not get metrics, and just write for the fun of it, not caring if anybody sees it. But, it’s sometimes fun to see my ssh proxy and python init.py posts get traffic.

Things I want out of a metrics pipeline:

  • Distinguishes 0s sessions from presumably bots
  • Tells me what pages people are viewing
  • Maybe tells me how they got there

I’m also hoping to stick this on my blog and see how it compares to the numbers I’m currently getting from GA to see if the “programmers have cookie blockers” hypothesis is true.